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Kristina Cherep is a new and upcoming Children's Author who has recently published a groundbreaking book, Are My Thoughts As Big As They Say?  

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Empowering children

Kristina Cherep's latest release, "Are My Thoughts As Big As They Say?" is about a young boy trying to balance school, sports, friendship, and everything else an 8-year-old may worry about. However, his worrying is a little more extreme than the next. Why you may ask? Well, he has anxiety! 

Anxiety disorders are actually the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting about 18% of the adult population. There aren't many statistics done for children with anxiety, but Kristina wants to change that by bringing awareness. She believes by bringing more awareness, it will allow adults to be more aware if a child is suffering from anxiety. 

Kristina created this book to get the topic of mental health be less taboo starting at a younger age. She wants to fight against societal taboos to help children and anyone dealing with a mental illness. 

normalizing mental health


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